Eve online stuck updating character

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Its economy too is not the usual MMORPG affair, where all items are a linear upgrade to the last model, and 95% of everything is utterly worthless.Almost everything can be put to practical and/or financial use, and while higher and more varied skills give an advantage to any player, bigger numbers aren’t a guaranteed victory.Dock up in a station (or citadel) and either using the Clone Bay, or in the absence of such, simply right click on the station's link (top left corner of the screen), selecting "Set Home Station" from the contextual menu, and paying a small fee (100,000 ISK) to move your medical clone to that station.It makes sense to move your medical clone to a station near where you will likely be flying, in order to avoid the long journey back should you get podded.

Surely this will be a momentous coming together of former enemies the likes of which the world has rarely seen.

Much has been made in the past of the fierce rivalry between PC and console gamers and the fact that they can be pretty territorial when it comes to defending their gaming hardware of choice.

That’s all going to change on October 13 when Valkyrie pilots get to enjoy cross-platform play in VR gaming.

And remember, this is just days before a huge influx of new rookie pilots fly in on October 13 — thanks to the release of EVE: Valkyrie on Play Station VR.

The full list of new content, features and tweaks in Joint Strike is mind-bogglingly long so we thought we’d take a bit of time here to spotlight some of the key, need-to-know elements for you.

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I almost uninstalled EVE Online partway through the oddly crashy character creation process. I suspect a great many people are, as perhaps do its creators CCP, who recently released probably their most significant update ever, called Ascension (aka the Alpha update). Let’s start with how the Alpha system works, because “it’s gone free to play” is a wholly inadequate explanation of what CCP are actually doing. Players paid a monthly fee, with an option to pay with in-game currency instead.