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To convincingly pull the curtain back on that kind of a life, to be true to the tragic history and alive to the unexplored drama, to take smart and fearless ownership of what could have been an overly familiar story could not have been more difficult. Crafting the compelling script, which won the screenwriting prize at Venice, was a man best known as a successful television executive.But what makes the success of "Jackie" even more remarkable is the paradoxical team that came together to persuasively imagine the behind-the-scenes drama that followed the Nov. Directing this story of an American legend was a Chilean filmmaker who'd never worked in English before.

Weddings, babies and teenage emancipations — oh, my!

“Arrival” and “Moonlight” scored a hefty 10 nominations each, including nods for picture and director.

Due to the inclusion of genre-specific categories, several actors managed multiple nominations, some for the exact same role. Though no more than that single name is needed to bring to mind an entire universe of memories, mythology and celebrity, the woman it conjures had a core mystery that remained unassailable despite media scrutiny of the most relentless kind.

Mostly because the animated film gives a fresh take on all our fave fairytale princesses, played by Avril Lavigne (Snow White) and Ashley Tisdale (Cinderella), and G. If that's not everything a 2007 audience could ask for, the three will be singing a catchy AF song written by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump!

(Sleeping Beauty) — who all have their eyes on the same Prince!

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On The Colbert Report, Carlos played Alan, host Stephen Colbert's "black friend".

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